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"I am calmer, happier, move with distinguishable purpose, and have a grander perspective and appreciation of the Universe and my place in it"

Working with Sabrina is a resonant experience, with the effects rippling through my life almost silently, but with great effect. It was akin to a rain droplet’s impact on a calm lake, the force of life influence and positive change emanating out, and I was surprised to find myself at the center.

As a professional with a high intensity job (Trial Lawyer), I sought to determine the elements of myself which were disharmonious and causing me pain and wanted to strengthen my connection with the Universe.

In the beginning, I expected a dramatic reveal, a curtain pulled aside showing me the grand villain of my problems and stagnation, but as our sessions progressed, I began to understand Sabrina’s healing and guidance was more subtle, and more impactful than I had anticipated.

A surprising thing happened; my Spirit, mixed with that of the Universe, began to shine, share, and shepherd. Through a series of one-on-one guidance and healing sessions, Sabrina’s work cleared the way for my healing and provided a path for Spirit to flow through me; allowing a powerful piece of myself to re-emerge, animate, and activate, advancing my life in the true direction of my dreams.

Sabrina helped me heal my relationship with money and self-worth. Four days after completing The Soul Activation Series, a miraculous thing occurred: Without lifting a finger, I was head hunted for my dream job. I am now making THREE TIMES my previous salary and contracted to take over a nationwide law practice.


I am calmer, happier, move with distinguishable purpose, and have a grander perspective and appreciation of the Universe and my place in it.


Sabrina’s guidance unlocked my mornings and now I wake up excited for the day, because now I know the Universe welcomes what you resonate back.

I highly recommend Sabrina’s guidance and all EquilibriOM has to offer.

- RSM, Trial Lawyer

[Activations, Quantum Healing, 1:1 Guidance]

"Things that caused intense stress and anxiety became totally manageable challenges..."

Since working with Sabrina, I noticed significant changes in many areas of my life.  Things that caused intense stress and anxiety became totally manageable challenges. Same exact challenges - hugely different effect.

On a regular basis - what would seem to be magical coincidences or experiences would just happen. A lot.

As a Project Manager with many moving pieces, I experience far less roadblocks in my day-to-day. I used to battle with “the Sunday scaries” on a regular basis. Now I start my week with confidence, knowing everything will work out exactly as it needs to. Feeling connected and supported by the Universe brings a level of peace which is hard to describe.


Sabrina’s work not only changed my life - but the lives of those around me. I observed two of my nearest and dearest, facing significant health challenges, not only survive - but thrive, thanks to her quantum healing.


I am eternally grateful.


- TV, Project Manager

[Quantum Healing, 1:1 Guidance]

"I walk with more purpose, less anger, a clearer head, shielded from negative thought patterns..."

I'm a man in my early fifties, who, without realizing it, was starting to lose a little bit of the flavor of life. As we progress into adulthood, the complexities of life and the banality of responsibilities provide inevitable roadblocks to the pursuit of harmony. And it was both catching me off-guard and misaligning me from the easy enjoyment of life.

The soul activations and energy healings are subtle things, but like catalysts, hold the ability to cause significant, positive, change. They provide focus and reminders. Reminders of universal connection and purpose. The changes I noticed were precisely this kind of "powerful subtle", where my thoughts did not delve into less useful ways.

It does not take much changing of perspective to acquire a great change, and to wake up realizing that you're not actually hobbled, but instead learning and evolving, as we should. The gift of all of this is that it leads to gentle changes that are meaningful. It does not take much to misalign one's thinking, but that also means it does not take that much to realign.

I walk with more purpose, less anger, a clearer head, shielded from negative thought patterns. I wake up again looking forward to my days. It's actually not even possible to put a price on something like that.

Sabrina has the unique ability to fully be present and listen to you. She helps makes you feel that someone understands the context you are in and provides a strong tether to a sense of harmony and universal connection.

- PF, Small Business Owner

[Activations, Quantum Healing]

"These practices allow me to feel more connected to Spirit and have helped me face challenges instead of avoid them..."

I came to Sabrina at a time when I needed a major transition in my life - I was feeling overwhelmed, had several health issues to attend to, and was seeking critical guidance and healing. Leveraging all three areas of her work (Soul Activations, Quantum Energy Healing, and 1:1 System Guidance), she helped me discover and create a host of behavior changes that dramatically changed my life to align with my greatest good. 


I’ve had many amazing positive outcomes that resulted from my work with Sabrina… I eat and sleep better, exercise regularly, and have way less anxiety. I’m happier, love and accept myself more, and have a renewed trust in the universe.


Practices which resulted in big life changes were the daily practices we worked on together - this included a morning self-care routine, customized daily affirmations, teachings on how to work with my ancestors and Spirit Family and learning the practice of manifestation. These practices allow me to feel more connected to Spirit and have really helped me face challenges instead of avoid them.


Sabrina is a powerful manifestor and spiritual guide who deeply cares for those she works with. She is patient and kind, and lovingly pushed me to be the best version of myself. She often could see what I could not, and I am incredibly grateful for her insight, guidance, and encouragement.


Leading by example in her own life, Sabrina is spiritual yet grounded, and has helped me to discover my own unique life path that works for me. I am now back to being a happy, healthy, grounded person, with a new outlook on life – with many more "tools in my toolbelt" that I can apply to my life from here on out. 

If you are considering working with Sabrina, I say go for it! She has wonderfully unique and powerful talents as a Quantum Healer and a Spiritual Guide that can help you achieve anything you want to in life. 

- KP

[Activations, Quantum Healing, 1:1 Guidance]

"6 Months later, through the upheaval of job loss and a crippling flight phobia, I now sit on a beach in Kauai watching the waves under the bluest sky in a state of true peace..."

In January I called Sabrina crying. I’d been crying for hours - days even. I had been laid off. I was devastated. I’ve never been laid off or let go. I’m not that person. I’m an overachiever. Head of the class. Accolades and promotions are more my speed. I was absolutely destroyed by the news and had no idea what I was going to do… 


At the same time, a road trip with my husband I’d been really looking forward to was turning into a plane trip due to winter weather. Presumably not a big deal, except for the debilitating phobia of flying I’ve struggled with for most of my adult life. Didn’t fly at all for 10 years and when I did start, I had to drink and drug myself into a stupor. It was hard on my body and even harder on my mind. 


The pandemic was also super hard on me. Triggered a ton of anxiety and a lovely little wave of OCD. So here we are January - post pandemic, no job, laid off, and facing a flight. I was shattered, a shell of a human. A broken shell. I couldn’t do it. And that broke me more. Smashed me into pieces of shame and depression. I felt utterly overwhelmed by sadness and anxiety. 


I called Sabrina and explained. She said, I think it’s time. Let’s do this. Do you trust me? Are you ready to change? And I said “Yes, absolutely” .


6 Months later, through the upheaval of job loss and a crippling flight phobia, I now sit on a beach in Kauai watching the waves under the bluest sky in a state of true peace. I flew here with my stepdaughters. First plane trip for all of us together; a 5.5 hour journey, that just months ago, would have sent me spiraling into an anxious abyss. And on Monday I start my new job, doing exactly what I wanted to do, with a company that works on things that interest me, getting paid more than the role I was laid off from. 


Through our collaboration, employing a blend of stillness practices, self-reflection, gratitude, affirmations, Soul Activations, weekly guidance sessions, and Quantum Healing, we began to forge a path forward. I discovered an ability to trust the process, to show kindness towards myself, and to identify those ingrained negative patterns that had dominated my thinking. 


The journey of rewiring those deeply set pathways is not a swift one. It is an ongoing process of overriding years of negative defaulting and worst-case scenario thinking. The Activations and stillness practices gave me a clear vision of these patterns and equipped me with the patience and space to transform them. However, the guidance sessions are what truly shifted the tides for me. Sabrina helped illuminate the idea that our perception shapes our reality, and if we can transform our perception, we can change our reality. 


At first, this seemed a bit like magic, but having Sabrina guide me—patient, gracious, and insightful—made all the difference. She encouraged me to explore different perspectives, and to question my established viewpoints. In the beginning, trying to cultivate a positive outlook felt forced, almost like putting on a performance. But slowly, I realized that if reality is a blend of my perception and external factors, why shouldn't I embody the positive aspect? Why shouldn't I see every challenge as an opportunity to grow, learn, and discover? Now, every day presents itself as a blank canvas for something wonderful to occur. And remarkably, it does. With Sabrina's guidance, I've learned that the power to shape my life's narrative resides within me, and that's an empowering transformation.


I have come a long way. This journey has had so many ups and downs. Twists and turns and lessons along the way. And the best part is that it’s not over. 


The things I’ve learned working with Sabrina are not one and done lessons - this is a lifestyle. This is a paradigm shift. This is a new way of being. Are there elements of struggle still? Absolutely. Yes. 100%. The simplest way I can put it is this - there’s just more beauty in my life. It sounds simple but I can’t overstate how incredibly powerful it is. Every. Single. Day. Every moment. I see beauty everywhere. This is how I feel the flow. It’s love. It’s peace. It’s joy. It’s patience. It’s tenacity. All I want to say is thank you. 

- S, Brand Marketing Manager

[Activations, Quantum Healing, 1:1 Guidance]

"Sabrina has shifted my paradigm to include new thoughts about re-writing my self-limiting beliefs, and has demonstrated the catalytic nature I needed to launch true change...."

In the last decade there have been a number of goals I have wished for, harbored or inactively reflected would be better for my holistic experience; It has taken my work with Sabrina to transfer these wants/ideas into tangible action.

In a short five weeks, Sabrina has shifted my paradigm to include new thoughts about re-writing my self-limiting beliefs, and has demonstrated the catalytic nature I needed to launch true change. Many of us rely upon steep self-imposed expectations to feel productive or worthy: Sabrina is helping me learn how many things there are to celebrate in the realm of self-care on the daily.
My favorite part about working with a Guide is the ability to create new action as opposed to explain shortcomings/worries/ stories about myself with no resulting change.
In the past I have had therapy sessions wherein my emotional tangents were blocking all exits. I finally feel like I am beginning to create a map out of these self-sabotaging woods.


Sabrina challenges me to think outside of my limiting beliefs by graciously taking part in new habits and celebrating successes I normally would not have considered something to be proud of. Her work has been a gift to my human experience!

- AJ, Nurse

[1:1 Coaching]

"She helped me let go of all that was no longer serving me and re-frame the old stories I was telling myself from a new empowering perspective..."

Having Sabrina as my Coach far exceeded anything I could have hoped or dreamed for in a coaching relationship. I expected we would develop action plans together to meet my wellness goals, which we did, and this was, in its own right, very helpful. I did not, on the other hand, expect the deeper life-changing experience that came along with this.  

She helped me let go of all that was no longer serving me, and re-frame the old stories I was telling myself from a new empowering perspective.
She helped me accept and fall in love with myself, all of myself, really for the first time. This laid the foundation for me to dream big, shoot for the stars, and a whole new world of possibilities has now opened up in my life.

From the amazing mindfulness sessions, powerful reiki healing, skillful communication skills, personalized resources, and genuine compassion, my sessions with Sabrina have changed my life.
I am a better person because of this experience.

Sabrina is a rare special healer that only crosses our path once in a lifetime, if you have the opportunity to work with her, don't hesitate for a second.

Thank you Sabrina for guiding and supporting me to "find my structured flow" and get on the path to living my abundant truth.


- TK, District Manager, Nurse

[1:1 Coaching]

"She has helped me work through a transition in vocation as well as other aspects of life..."

Working with Sabrina was my utmost pleasure. I am in transition at the age of 61 in creating a new career for myself.

She held me accountable, didn't let me go to the negative aspects and kept me focused on the positive.
She intuitively seeks out areas that are heart-centered, as she puts her heart and soul into this. She has helped me work through a transition in vocation, as well as other aspects of life: financial wellbeing, motherhood, having lost my mother at a young age, relationships, and so much more. I feel in a much better place than when I started.
Sabrina is wise and intuitive. I would recommend her to anyone, especially those with burnout, as she is a nurse with experience in that, as well as in life.

- PB, Nurse

[1:1 Coaching]

"A light shining into a murky and fuzzy psyche to help uncover one’s own shining light..."

Entering these sessions, I had no idea of what to expect but was open to exploring and experiencing what coaching might be. From beginning to end, Sabrina brought grace, a willingness to unfold and explore tenderly, guide truthfully, and listen fully.
She was able to support me to peer into areas of my life that had remained covered for years and had led to some unfulfilling life choices, offering effective tools to further one’s insight into being, and to clear a path towards fulfillment and wellness.
Over the number of sessions, there were truly many substantial “ah-ha” moments. Like learning a foreign language, some things are starting to make sense, and practical tools for living a fuller life are easier to grasp and apply.
Guidance, reflective questioning, and fully present listening with a person that so obviously lives a meaningful, beautiful, and deeply spiritual life can be a gift to anyone looking to what the next chapters of their life might be.


Sabrina fully offers that space in a most exceptional way, a light shining into a murky and fuzzy psyche to help uncover one’s own shining light."​

-KP, Nurse

[1:1 Coaching]


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