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The purpose of this activation is to align mind, body, Soul and environment with unseen external forces waiting to assist humans on earth.

The most powerful form of currency in Spirit is gratitude. When one practices gratitude consistently, and for the tiniest of things, the universe responds quickly and efficiently. This universal law is also known as “luck”, “manifestation”, “flow”, “synchronicity”, “effortlessness”, and “divine timing”, just to name a few...

Now let's begin



Do a 10–15-minute relaxation practice of your choosing prior to listening to the activation.

(meditation, visualization, and breath-work are  some examples)

Play Activation #2


Listen to the activation below, preferably with headphones on, in a place you won’t be disturbed. The goal is to be in a relaxed, yet awake state. If you happen to fall asleep, repeat the recording.

Soul Activation 2EquilibriOM Life System Activations
00:00 / 08:18



Free write any thoughts, visualizations, sensations, or memories that came up for you during the activation.

You may also want to include: things you've been working on, changes you've observed in yourself or the environment in the last week, and/or goals for the coming week.

This is also a great time to list out things you're grateful for. 

(In a journal or space provided below)



Reflect on a time in your life when a miraculous event occurred.


Did you savor it or move on quickly?


Did you express gratitude or write it off as happenstance?


Take Action

Dedicate a space in your home to give thanks to your Spirit Team. Spirit Team is a non-denominational term for energetic beings which you have a relationship with. This can include ancestors, friends who’ve passed, mentors, angels, deities, animals, etc.  

1. Pick a place you see often.

2. Place at least one object which holds meaning for you in this space. (a vase, a picture, a piece of jewelry, anything really). The intention behind the object is what counts.

3. Place a cup of water and candle beside it.

4. Frequent this space often (daily/weekly).

5. Express gratitude for all you have in life. You can leave offerings as a token of your appreciation (candy, coffee, dried fruits, nuts, grains, alcohol, flowers).

6. Use this space to ask for help (for yourself or another). 



EquilibriOM’s Spirit Team is on standby to help.


To accelerate personal progress, submit any or all of your reflections and goals to EquilibriOM below.

Submissions are 100% confidential.


Thank you for sharing. You may not get a reply, but please know your message has been received in all dimensions, and assistance is on its way!


What happens if I don’t complete all six?

It's highly recommended you listen to all six recordings, because like a software upgrade, a partial download could cause energetic incoherence and system misalignment. Recordings average 5 minutes in length and should not be difficult to complete, even for the busiest individual.


Are activations like meditations?

Yes and no. Like meditation, activations require your undivided attention. Unlike meditations however, activations activate dormant code in your energetic DNA through sound and visualization. Much like how your immune system works, activations help identify and repair areas of incoherence on your energetic system, and similarly to an immune response, this can sometimes cause discomfort. Please know this is a sign of progress being made and is completely safe. 


How will I know they are working?

Each Life System is unique and therefore uses its own intelligence to determine how Soul Activations are integrated. Experiences vary from subtle to profound, depending on where you are in your life journey. Most Souls choose to integrate upgrades gradually, so as not to shock the system.


Most listeners report experiencing various mild sensations during the activation and an increase in synchronistic events afterwards. You may also feel slightly dazed afterwards- this is normal.

If you have a profound response to the recordings, please contact Sabrina for additional support.  


What if more than a week passes between activations?

That is perfectly fine, as long as you eventually complete all six.


How do I optimize results?

The Life System needs an opportunity to reboot, so periods of stillness are a must for integration and Life System optimization. Setting aside at least an hour a week for this work, completing the accompanied prompts , and maintaining a consistent mindfulness or contemplative practice is highly recommended for maximum results.

A few notes on the recommendations above...


  • The recommendations included with each activation are there to support and guide the process of code integration. What you put into any practice, is usually what you’ll get out of it.


  • Speech and written word are energetic amplifiers of thought. If you want to get the attention of your entire Life System, say it out loud or write it down! This is why intention setting, writing out goals, and repeating affirmations are so effective in manifesting change.


  • Celebrate small wins. It’s human nature to overlook subtle changes, especially positive ones. Change is experienced more profoundly when one makes themself aware of their progress. Get in the habit of reflecting on and documenting any positive event or change (big or small). Make sure to give thanks. Your future self will thank you. 

  • Each system is unique and has its own way of implementing change. If a suggestion doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to skip it and replace it with one that does.


  • Remember to enjoy the process and have fun!


Happy Activating!


Sabrina Marenko

Life System Guide




Quantum Healing

1:1 Distance healing sessions helping you heal and transform unwanted mental, emotional, or physical patterns and behaviors. Great for targeting specific areas of disharmony on your Subtle Energetic Network.


1:1 Life System Guidance

For those committed to a total Life System transformation. Sabrina closely supports and guides clients on their Life System optimization journey with regular 1:1 virtual calls, targeted healing sessions, personalized assignments and tools.

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