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The Life System offers those looking for a non-dogmatic approach to spiritual and personal growth an accessible framework to use in their day-to-day. It allows for spiritual exploration and self-discovery while in pursuit of self-actualization in the modern world. 

Gone are the days of renunciation or meditating in a cave. The Life System framework provides a real world, modern approach to sustained peace, prosperity and flow.

Although the road to knowing is never-ending, understanding your own Life System is the first step towards fulfillment, and one surely worth taking.

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will transcend a personal God an


The Life System Framework is inspired by quantum physics, ancient Hermetic, and Eastern philosophy.


Rooted in the perspective that everything in the universe is intricately connected, it reflects our dynamic reality—a constant interplay of interrelated systems in perpetual flux, each influencing the other on subatomic and multidimensional levels through the profound force of consciousness.

Aiming to simplify this intricate interpretation of the universe and life, the Life System draws an analogy to running a company, where the mind, body, Highest Self, Spirit, and environment all play crucial roles in development and success.


The intention of this framework is to empower users to step into their role as CEO of their life, leveraging available resources, particularly the Highest Self and Spirit, to accomplish their life mission and live with sustained peace, prosperity, and flow.

To get a better understanding of the Subtle Energetic Network’s importance, one only needs to ponder the workings of the central nervous system. The human brain consists of billions of neurons, all of which contain code in the form of DNA.  This network of neurons is responsible for orchestrating every breathe, movement, and function ever experienced,  exchanging energy across trillions of neuronal connections to communicate, all in less than a second via the central nervous system. It’s quite miraculous when one takes the time to appreciate it. Without this network we would cease to exist.

Life System Mission

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Like a company, the essence of life isn't just about surviving; it's about thriving and contributing something of value to the surrounding environment.


Each Life System has a unique mission, much like a company's purpose. Life mission is not synonymous to vocation, but a set of value-based goals a system strives to accomplish.


When a system deviates from its intended mission, disharmony among core elements occurs, and system flow suffers. This often presents as physical and emotional disharmony, feeling “stuck” or unsure of life direction, and life dissatisfaction in its many forms.  Conversely, when all core elements are utilized and integrated, the system operates more efficiently to complete its mission- in a harmonious state of flow and equilibrium.

The Subtle Energetic Network

The most crucial component of the Life System is the Subtle Energetic Network- existing on a subatomic level, it connects all system elements to each other and the rest of the universe. This network not only provides a pathway for communication, it also contains all programming for our reality.


Referenced in many ancient and modern spiritual traditions, as well as quantum physics, the Subtle Energetic Network is a term for the intangible fabric which contains and connects all of existence (also referred to as ether, aether, akasha, quantum field, and holographic universe).


Communication & Connectivity


Like the human body or a company, Life System performance depends on quick and efficient communication among its elements. Similar to a company’s use of broadband network to fulfill orders or complete projects, elements of the Life System use the Subtle Energetic Network to share information, operate, and sustain life.


Unfortunately, many people are unknowingly running their Life System with poor network connectivity and wondering why their performance is lagging. Imagine running a company consisting of numerous departments on a dial-up network instead of a high-speed one. Would it be possible? Sure. Would it be efficient in problem solving, productivity, or responding to market demands? Unlikely.

The Conscious Mind – Chief Executive Officer Of Life

The conscious mind is responsible for all high-level decisions, dictates the trajectory of your life, and therefor holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Life System. It is the part of you that plans, develops, and directs your life’s function, performance, and ultimate success.


As CEO and leader of executive functioning, your conscious mind has many duties to uphold. Mindfulness and attention to detail are paramount for Life System success.


3 Important Roles Overlooked by CEOs & How to Avoid These Common Mistakes


1. Effectively utilize available resources, delegate, and outsource for optimized efficiency. 

  • Do: Ask your Highest Self and Spirit for help​

  • Don't: Try to accomplish goals all by yourself

2. Maintain healthy relationships and good communication with all employees, senior management, partners and stakeholders

  • Do: Define goals, celebrate wins, and express gratitude often

  • Don't: Practice ambivalence, assume all credit, take anything for granted

3. Evaluate and implement strategies to improve current operating structures and programming.

  • Do: Prioritize introspection, implement a growth mindset,  and commit to self-development

  • Don't: Accept stagnation or a "this is how it's always been" mindset


In addition to positively impacting the environment, life becomes substantially easier, more enjoyable and less effortful when the above are mastered-- it's a guarantee.

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion_edited.jpg

The Highest Self –  The Multi-Dimensional Chief Operating Officer

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will transcend a personal God an

Unlike most universal systems, the human Life System is unique—it contains a Highest Self. 


The Highest Self is the element responsible for choosing the mission and unique characteristics of the Life System prior to embodiment. It exists and operates in all dimensions, holding the greatest “field of vision” or vantage point and functions at a quantum level, in ways not yet fully understood by science. Unfortunately, this incredibly powerful element has also become one of the most underutilized in modern day society.

The Highest Self, your life's COO, is the force ensuring your day-to-day operations align with your life mission. The COO has the foresight and power to attract and deter, at just the right time, all manner of circumstance— be it a person, event, or job opportunity. 

When the Highest Self is left out of the game, you have to play harder to win. When the Highest Self is fully utilized however, you will find your path becoming clearer, choices more meaningful, life more purposeful and enjoyable.  

Tapping Into the Power of the COO

Your COO is your greatest asset.


Although you’re the one who calls the shots, the COO is undoubtedly the most loyal, equipped, and knowledgeable member of the team. It has a larger network, lifetimes of experience to draw from, and greater vantage point than any CEO. With its quantum capabilities, what your Highest Self can orchestrate in a day would take you a lifetime to accomplish.


Your Highest Self is a reservoir of untapped potential. Just as a company can leverage the vast experience of a COO for business success, you can harness the power of your Highest Self to guide your life in a meaningful, purpose aligned direction.

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will transcend a personal God an

Highest Self and Mind A CEO-COO Partnership

You are not your Highest Self’s first CEO, nor will you be its last.


The Highest Self understands the process of growth a CEO must undergo and honors its autonomy. Because of its experience, the Highest Self is unconditionally forgiving and compassionate. It understands the CEO must learn to overcome the distractions of ego on its journey toward success.

Like all working relationships, the CEO-COO relationship can be a challenging one.  Miscommunication, differences of opinion, and power dynamics can be difficult to navigate, especially in youth.


The Highest Self is a soft-spoken partner and subtle in its approach. In a world full of noise and competing forces, its suggestions are easily missed. Unseen and working behind the scenes, its contributions are often under-appreciated or written off as happenstance. Also are the times when, usually out of urgency, the Highest Self's message comes in loud and clear, yet is overtly ignored.


The Highest Self is immortal and therefor patient by nature, but, like any undervalued team member, it eventually becomes less engaged and Life System performance begins to suffer.

CEO-COO Misalignment

Society has a massive CEO-COO misalignment problem.  


In the age of information and consumerism, many COO’s are being left out of day-to-day operations, their influence and wisdom under-appreciated, and input disregarded, leading to Life System dysfunction on a grand scale.

Intuition (the language of the COO) has taken a back seat to logic and mind-numbing activities have replaced the pursuit of self-realization. As a society, we are more depressed, sick, and addicted as we've ever been. These are all symptoms of large-scale CEO-COO misalignment.

The Element of Spirit

In the Life System framework "Spirit" is a blanket term for unseen forces not of “Self”. 


These forces are diverse, exist in multiple dimensions, vary in degrees of power, and operate in a manner not within the realm of human comprehension. What falls under the umbrella term of "Spirit" is extensive and defined largely by personal belief. Some examples of this esoteric element are: a higher power, cosmic consciousness, angels, galactic beings, ancestors, spirit guides, spirit animals, just to name a few.  


Like all universal sub-systems, the element of Spirit varies tremendously in characteristic and hierarchy, and the role its' constituents play in the individual’s Life System are dependent on the individual and their belief system.


Spirit – The Higher Advisory Board

Spirit serves as the Board of Directors (BOD) in your Life System. Its main role is to create long-term value and sustainability for all its stakeholders through the application of foresight in planning.


If senior management is in need of guidance or direction with planning for the future, maintaining a good relationship is advantageous, as the BOD only gets involved in daily operations upon request. Like with any operation, efficiency is maximized when the BOD and senior management (CEO and COO) share similar perspectives on strategy, priorities, and risk management. 

Regardless of relationship health, the COO (Highest Self and BOD (Spirit) are always on the CEO’s team and there to help. If there is one thing they want, it’s for the CEO to succeed in its life mission and will do everything in their power to get you there, given you are aligned in mission.


An aligned partnership with your COO and BOD requires communication and trust. Both of which can be fostered through practices such as journaling, gratitude, contemplation, mindfulness and meditation.


By building a strong relationship with Spirit, you open doors to insights beyond your immediate comprehension, helping propel you further and faster towards success.

Employees and Managing The Subconscious

If the conscious portion of mind functions as the CEO of the Life System, what role does the subconscious play?


The subconscious constitutes the larger portion of total mind and is represented by the Life System’s employees. Life System performance is highly dependent on employee health, coherence, and function. Without proper management and oversight, productivity can spiral in the wrong direction quickly. As one can imagine, things don’t go so well with Anxious Annie or Angry Anthony as Director of the PR department, and yet it occurs all the time.  


“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will transcend a personal God an

A company's success depends on consistent leadership and supervision, also known as mindfulness, self-awareness, and intention.  It’s the CEO’s responsibility to ensure there are systems in place supporting employees in growth, ensuring they are acting in the best interest of the operation, and coaching those struggling towards healing and success.


If things aren’t running smoothly in your Life-System, it may be time to consider a re-org...

System Headquarters – Cleanliness and Maintenance

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will transcend a personal God an

The element of body serves as Life System Headquarters and houses the machinery necessary for basic operation. The body is the structure that allows for business in this dimension to occur. The mind, both conscious and unconscious, is what directs most of its machinery.


Similar to a place of business, if the body is neglected or full of junk (food or thought), it's going to malfunction, underperform, and breakdown often, requiring more time and effort to complete a task compared to a clean and well-maintained office. Additionally, a clean and organized office will attract a substantially higher caliber of partner and client. 

World-renowned companies don't underestimate the value of investing in top of the line house keeping and maintenance services. Why would you?

Life System Optimization: Putting It Into Practice

Below are simple ways you can apply this framework on your journey toward peace, prosperity, and flow:



Life System Activations are a fast, easy, and free way to repair and strengthen the Subtle Energetic System, and can be listened to anywhere.  Why would you choose dial-up if you could have hi-speed internet for free?  You can check them out here.

Individualized Support

To accelerate progress, consider booking a Quantum Healing Session or Discovery Call with Quantum Practitioner and Spiritual Consultant, Sabrina Marenko. Learn more here.

Nurture your relationships (seen and unseen)

This is perhaps the most important step of all. 

  • Practice clear communication – Have regular meetings with your team communicating exactly what you’re working towards, what you need help with, and what you’re unsure about. This can be done through journaling, prayer, visualization, meditation, or speech. Pick a method, do it often.

  • Show appreciation—like anyone, team members want to be acknowledged for their contribution. Gratitude and appreciation are the highest form of currency, so make sure you're compensating your team for even the smallest contribution. No one likes working for free. Keep a gratitude journal and say "thank you" everyday for everything. You really can't overdo it.

  • Check your ego at the door -  Every win you’ve ever had is due to something much greater than you. Call it God, The Universe, Higher Power, it doesn’t matter what you call "It"… what matters is the acknowledgement that you are just one part of an infinite network of energy.  


Make Time For Silence

Stillness is paramount for connecting with and channeling the wisdom of your COO. Meditate, journal, contemplate. 

Request Help 

You are part of a greater network of systems and are not meant to do it alone. In fact, it's not recommended you try. As the CEO of your life and a sovereign being, Spirit cannot intervene without your request. Make sure you receive the help when it arrives and don't forget to give thanks.


Give in any way you can- time, money, love, wisdom, appreciation. The law of giving and receiving is universal. One has to invest to receive a return on investment. Keep in mind, ROI’s come in varying forms and payout periods, all of which are out of your control. If flow in your Life System is stagnant, it’s time to check the balance sheet.

Identify Life Mission

Make decisions aligned with your life mission. If you're unsure of your mission, reflect on your life to identify ways in which you naturally and consistently contribute positively to the environment. A Life System’s purpose is not necessarily its vocation, although it can be. When things are not flowing, ask yourself if the decisions you're making are in the best interest of your life mission.

Headquarter Cleanliness & Maintenance

Take care of your mind. Replace fear with love. Be mindful of the environment and messaging you're being exposed to. What programs are you operating from? What stories do you have on replay? Be a conscious participant in your belief system. Stay curious. Keep what works, delete the rest. Take care of your body. Exercise, eat a colorful, balanced, plant-prominent diet, drink lots of water, avoid sugar and processed foods. Sleep, travel, digital detox.

Time In Nature

Time outdoors allows your Life System to exchange information with the Earth’s Life System.  Connect to Mother Earth's network and receive wisdom quickly by getting outside and placing your bare feet on ground.



Life System Activations

Begin your journey with Life System Activations. Sent to your phone weekly, these recorded visualizations are a quick and easy way to heal, repair, and upgrade your Subtle Energetic Network.



Quantum Healing 

 1:1 Distance healing sessions helping you heal and transform unwanted mental, emotional, or physical patterns and behaviors. Great for targeting specific areas of disharmony on your Subtle Energetic Network.


1:1 Life System


For those committed to a total Life System transformation. You'll be closely supported and guided on your optimization journey with regular 1:1 virtual calls, targeted healing sessions, personalized assignments and tools.


Want to know more? Not sure if this is for you?

Schedule a call and see if we're a good fit. 

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